All plants are harvested by hand at the summum of their vitality.

I knew this was in a special spot as soon as I saw it.  In a clearing, in the woods, what must have been an old cattle watering area.  The soil is deep humus, almost black earth, but with a well-drained sandy loam layer below.  Never before have I seen Catnip grow so tall, Milk thistle towering above such luxurious  hyssop bushes.  This half-acre garden, located in the Ottawa River valley, near Lachute, Quebec, is a place where magic happens.

While co-managing La ferme coopérative aux champs qui chantent, my partner and I built a little cabin and maintained a small kitchen garden.  While we left the farm project in 2015, I continue to visit the cabin and maintain what has become an extensive medicinal plant garden.  I cultivate over 50 varieties of medicinal herbs and wildcraft a couple of dozen more from this beautiful and spirited site.