For years I have suffered from intense fatigue, not finding solutions in Western medicine I tried other approaches but it was Heather's holistic herbal therapy that allowed me to return to a normal life. Best of all, my energy and mood are better than ever!
- Patricia, supported since 2020
Since I was very young, I have always suffered from chronic lack of energy. I could sleep 10h, 12h, or even 14h a night. I woke up all the time tired. I consistently fell asleep in the metro. I needed to take naps in the middle of the day, and I even prevented myself from doing activities to go to sleep. Over the years, I consulted with several doctors who never took this fatigue seriously, so I learned to live with it as best I could. When I first met Heather, I immediately felt understood and validated in what I was going through. Over the course of four months of diligent daily treatments with herbal infusions, tinctures, and dietary changes, I gradually felt my physical and mental energy levels increase. Nothing drastic, small changes that added up over the weeks until one morning I woke up and realized just how far I had come. Whenever I tell this story I always feel like it sounds like a miracle cure from someone exaggerating, but to be honest it's been a year since I had my first consultation with Heather, eight months since I stopped treatment and my life has literally changed. I usually sleep 9 hours a night and wake up on my own, completely rested. I don't stop myself from doing activities anymore because I'm too tired and the thought of taking naps doesn't even cross my mind. Having a therapist who validates what you are going through and who knows how to treat the cause of an imbalance rather than its symptom really makes the difference! Thanks Heather!
- Anouk, supported since 2020
I consulted Heather after sudden digestive problems. Her consultation included food and lifestyle, which I found to be really useful. She suggested a blend of herbal teas and a tincture. I’m very happy with the results- a friend even recently reflected to me that Heather had really got me back on my feet. Long life and career to Heather!
- Jacqueline, supported since 2018
I've been a big fan of the herbal tea blend that Heather has prepared for me for more than five years now. As someone who is kind of addicted to coffee - I can easily drink five or six cups a day - I use her tea blend as a healthy replacement. This personalized blend has many similar effects: it helps me stay awake, energetic, and keeps the neurons firing in my brain. I literally make a litre of this tea instead of a litre of coffee when I'm heading out for a long day at the library. I don't know what she puts in it, but it does the trick. Focus Tea: Hell yeah!
- Charlie, supported since 2016
My son gave me an excellent x’mas gift- Heather gave the best medical consultation I ever had. Because of her professional opinions on my health problems I feel relaxed and worry-free. Thank you for reading my illness with great care of my health.
- Wing, supported in 2020
I consulted with Heather concerning my osteoporosis condition. Heather supplied me with a comprehensive program including lifestyle changes, dietary recommendations and herbal teas. I found these suggestions practical and helpful. They were in line with other suggestions I have been given and also added some valuable new insights. I was very satisfied with my interaction with Heather and would highly recommend her!
- Janice, supported in 2016