Upcoming Workshops


Coming to Balance: 

A whole body / whole person approach for vibrant wellbeing

A 5-week group program starting in April, 2021 to shift the root causes of interconnected symptoms:

- Fatigue, brain fog, irritability

- Anxiety, addictions, insomnia

- Auto-immunity, PMS, infertility, and more 

Removing barriers to your body's innate capacity for balance with plant medicine, therapeutic foods, removing toxins, identifying triggers and more, adapted to you and your budget. 

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I offer a range of workshops, courses and programs that combine elements of theory as well as hands-on, experiential applications. Workshops can be adapted to different audiences including:

-Community groups: women's, food security, family, health...

-Schools: elementary, secondary, CEGEPs, universities, home school groups...

-Professional workplaces and health professionals

-Garden groups and centers

Workshops are priced at a sliding scale, based on the resources available of the host organisation or the participants.  The average cost of a 1h30 workshop is $100-$200. Please contact me for more information, to reserve a date or to develop a workshop topic together.

Popular Workshop Themes:

- Introduction to Herbal Medicine:  In this workshop, we will meet a range of locally-available plants and learn the basic preparations for making home-made medicines. We will discuss various different plant medicine traditions and discuss the importance of place.

- Preventing and Moving Through Burnout:  In this workshop, geared to either the workplace or small group settings, we will learn the physiological basis for burnout and share strategies as to how to stay healthy even in challenging environments.

- Garden Visits and Plant Walks: Guided plant walks allow participants to discover the amazing diversity of medicinal and edible plants growing right around us. We will cover respectful harvesting techniques as well as the question of contamination.

- Preparing Herbal Tea Mixtures: In this hands-on we will learn how to combine herbs into teas for maximum benefit. We identify together a number of ailments we would like to treat, and choose from the herbs available to develop custom blends. Participants leave with an individually designed bag of tea.

- Reconnecting with plants, with our bodies: This workshop is an invitation to use our senses to reconnect with plants and their healing ways. Through experiential activities and sharing, we will explore our co-evolution and deep connection with plants and practice developing our intuition around how to use them.

- Coming Home to Here: This workshop introduces a series of practices and exercises allowing participants to explore and own their place on this Earth, and this time, in the bodies they are in. We will discuss attachment theory as it applies to the land, and explore what right relationship to land can mean for settlers.